Covers that beat the original (Part II)

Scandinavian bands are my favorite, and Norther’s cover of The Final Countdown, is pretty  awesome. It is melodic, thrashy, and heavy. Could you ask for more? Here, have a listen:   I don’t know why the video is not working. Anyway, clicking on the link would serve you the same. Happy Listening 🙂

Folks Speak (Part 2 of 5)

Those were some great music suggestions by Rohan. Moving on, we have on board with us today- Mister Robi. Don’t go by his modestly, the guy has already attended some kickass gigs by my favorite bands like- COB (thrice), Tool (I don’t know how many times, knowing he has attended that once, was mindblowing enough),…

Folks Speak (Part 1 of 5)

So I decided to ask some of my musically sound friends to talk about the music they like. And below is a quick interview of a Mister Rohan, lecturer, guitarist, vocalist and a pool of many more qualities, I choose not to discuss, since it’s my blog, the limelight should remain on me 😛 1. Sir,…

Covers that beat the original. (Part I)

It happens only once in a decade that cover of a song is made, and it ends up being so good that it beats the original, or is atleast as good as the original. I have a few covers to share, but lets do this two covers at a time. 1. Seether’s cover of Careless…

LP Chester Bennington + Stone Temple= Out of Time

Stone Temple Pilots has invited Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington to perform with the band in the studio and in concert. The teaser of the song is out (below): [] Sounds fine, let’s wait for the release!

COB- Halo of Blood.

Children of Bodom has released a new single- Transference, from their upcoming album- Halo of Blood. Neat shredding, keys, drums and base. Here goes: No you aren’t high, the lyrical video is very trippy.

Make way for Kalmah’s new album.

So the Swamlords have landed, spreading their musical spell.  Presenting – Seventh Swamphony, the seventh studio album . The swamphony will drown you in its impeccable musical depth.  My mind has been blow, you decide for yourself. I am definitely buying the CD. You?