Album Review- Seventh Swamphony

This post is about two things: The pleasure of owning a cd of your favourite band, and the happiness when all the songs blow your mind equally.

Day before yesterday, my wish of owning an original Kalmah cd came true. (Thanks to my super awesome friend: Saurav who gifted it to me). Since it is such a big deal for me, I decided to take a day off work, and give the cd an intense listen.

ToneGauge- Kalmah

So I am going to write an extensive review of Kalmah’s seventh studio album: Seventh Swamphony.

The song list goes:

1. Seventh Swamphony

2. Deadfall

3. Pikemaster

4. Hollo

5. Winterlake Tale

6. Wolves On The Throne

7. Black Master’s Trace

8. The Trapper

I have been a fan of Kalmah since I first heard them back in 2007, and I was so satisfied with the band members, that the thought of any change didn’t occur to me, and neither was I prepared for it.

But then in 2011, Marco Sneck (ex-keyboardist) decided to part ways with Kalmah, for reasons these guys know best, and I was  heart broken. I thought that my fav band has been disbanded. But, Kalmah is back with Seventh Swamphony. The new keyboardist- Veli-Matti Kananen has done justice to the band’s image of creating music that is heavy yet melodic.

The album is a mix of very heavy and comparatively less heavy songs (still heavy for the normal man).

How awesome the headlining song Seventh Swamphony is, I have already talked about in a previous post. The song basically captures, through its mix of heavy and acoustic gutaring, the essence of what the album holds for you.

My personal favourites from the album are: Seventh Swamphony, Wolves on the Throne, The Trapper.

The composer of Wolves of the Throne is the new guy, Veli-Matti, and he has done a great job at it.

The Trapper, will kill you with its lead. Though the song has traces of tweaked guitaring and drumming from ‘Moon of my nights’, but that too is one of my fav songs so I don’t mind.

What will surprise (subject to perception) you in this album is Hollo, a song in which Pekka has sung in clean vocals. Honestly, I am yet to accustom myself to Pekka’s clean vocals, and I didn’t like them as much. But the music, needless to say, is some other level altogether. Thanks to Antti for that!

All in all, on a scale of 10, I would give the album an 8.5.

Wrapping it up, Seveth Swamphony is a great album to have in your collection.

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  1. aniketmore says:

    Thanx for the review..I was anyway supposed to download this album..
    Your review has given me a elaborate insight..
    Stay metal m/

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