And God said- let there be Music in Movies

Hence came the genre of movies on Music.

We all love watching movies, and if the movie also has great songs in it, nothing better 😀

Here is a list of movies on music, which in my opinion score more than the rest of the same genre.

1. Pirate Radio

ToneGauge-Pirate Radio

It is fun, it is young, it has great music tracks, and it is about an illegal music station. If you haven’t seen it already, wait no more. Sit with a group of friends, snacking on a bowl of popcorn, and enter the waters with the Pirate radio.

2. Walk the Line

ToneGauge- Walk The Line

Based on the life of  country music legend Johnny Cash’s, from his early days  to fame, where he recorded alongside Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins. The movie will keep you entertained.

3. School of Rock

ToneGauge-School of Rock

If you have music in your veins, you will find a way to let it flow. This movie is about a broke wannabe rockstar, who in his quest to end the financial crunch poses as a substitute teacher at a prep school, and turns his students into a Rock Band against all odds. Entertaining, funny, worth a watch.

4. This is Spinal Tap

ToneGauge- This is Spinal Tap

It is hilarious, has rock music in it..and honestly I have not seen it. It is a movie I will watch this weekend. The movie about the world loudest rock band, is renowned for good performance and rated as one the best movies on Rock can’t afford missing this one, can you?

5. Taking Woodstock

ToneGauge-Taking Woodstock

Young man stuck in a boring job, thinks of an escapism and ends up performing a generation defining concert in the Summer of ’69. With good music and relatable reality, this movie will leave you feeling alive!

Happy Watching! 😉

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