Being the only metalhead in your group of friends

This HAD to be written.

Apart from being called loner, dark and n number of other things, we all agree the following 10 points are just what our minds have become immune to.

  1. You have to answer the question: How do you like this music? It is just noise!
  2. People perceive you as dark, gothic and aloof
  3. You almost never have any ‘peppy number’ in your playlist to play in a house party
  4. You are often found listening to your own music while others are listening to ‘miley cyrus- wrecking ball’
  5. You can never play your favourite song on loud volume, people almost instantly ask you to lower the volume down
  6. You never have your favourite song in the karaoke list
  7. You just have to pretend liking the dupsteps and the edms and the trance and blah blah to be able to spend time with your friends
  8. Tough you are least interested in proving metal superior to any other genre, people are just after your life trying to prove metal music as crap (and you still couldn’t care less)
  9. While you go crazy about that perfect lead, shredding, riffs, bass, your friends say – they all sound the same
  10. You still love metal, and you don’t need to prove that to anyone.

Agree? 😉

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