Blackbird, fly away.


It seems forever since I wrote on my blog (87 days to be exact, did I die?)

No I didn’t, just got busy, but didn’t stop listening to music. During the hiatus/ sabbatical, I discovered a lot of new stuff, some of which will follow in the successive blog posts.

To being with, I will talk about the band – Alter Bridge


It may not be new to many, but for me, it’s only two months old addition to my music list. Thanks to my friend at work, who introduced me to a song by them.

The song by Alter Bridge which caught my attention was: Blackbird (video below). The feeling with which the vocalist has sung the song, and the musical support by his band members, has made this song very impressive.

You can see the following link, for good music quality:

And to check out the impeccable lead guitaring, and the smooth switch of the lead from one guitarist to the next at 7:18  (mind blowing), check out the following link:


Though I did not like other songs by them much, but this totally was worth putting up on my blog.

As you guys enjoy this song, I’ll think what to bring on the table next.

Will write more soon enough 🙂



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