Bon Jovi – Burning Bridges album review


The thirteenth album by Bon Jovi, released in August is also the first without long-time guitarist Richie Sambora.

So what all can you expect?

For all the Bon Jovi fans still out there, well the album has the same Bon Jovi feel as always. Group vocal harmonies and driving chord progressions are enough to compel the listener.  “Saturday Night Gave Me Sunday Morning”  one of the tracks in the album, has some laidback melodies and a sing-along guitar solo. (great for group karaoke sessions)

Other than just music, the album fits quite well if you are a mystery lover! If the lyrics of the title track, Burning Bridges, are to go by, you may conclude that there may never be another Bon Jovi record with Mercury. Lyrics go like:“Here’s the last song you can sell.” and “After 30 years of loyalty, they let you dig your grave.” (pretty obvious if you ask me)

Final verdict: The album has an altogether good feel for the Bon Jovi fans, and a fair number of good tracks.

Give the title track a listen, and decide if the album number 13 is lucky or unlucky for these guys 😉

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