Craziest videos

Before we ride ahead in 2015, I couldn’t help but share some sick videos and best leads till date (date being 30/12/14).

To begin with, here is a video which is sure to make you try this at home:

Now that we have that super human covered, which his simultaneous guitaring and key-ing, let’s move ahead to some of the best songs and leads till date.

I will being with the song that every one will agree has a truly melodic lead.

1. No points for guessing, it’s Metallica- Noting Else Matters.

2. Most underrated song with the most amazing lead, Kalmah – To The Gallows

Skip to 2:44 and get swayed by the lead

3. This one is truly swift and mindblowing, Porcupine Tree – Shesmovedon (yep, without spaces in between the words)

4. What comes now, is a lead totally opposite to the song’s name, it’s like a land of happiness and melody. I am talking about Wintersun – Land of Snow and Sorrow (gives me chills)

…and there is no fifth. Have I told you about my obsession with keeping it ‘even’? 😉

So folks, it has been a great year, I will ofcourse share a full article on world’s best leads..but ending this here.

Happy New Year everybody 🙂

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