Download Iron Maiden game, only to delete it


The much hyped about Iron Maiden mobile game, just came and went.

Being an enthu fan, I instantly downloaded it, only to realise that I could not play it as instantly.

The game took, and I am not kidding you, 25 minutes to install. I was bored to the point that I took a nap, while it was loading ‘shadows of night’, ‘gallows’ and other darkness.

I still tried to keep my enthusiasm to play the game, but it was a disappointment too.

To put it in one line: you don’t play the game, the game plays you.

Bottom line: Iron Maiden, maybe just stick to making music?

Hope this article will save you from wasting close to half an hour of your life. If you had already downloaded and were disappointed too, I hear ya!

If you still want to try it, iOSers, get the game here. Androidies, get it here.

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