Exclusive: You Want A Battle? (Here’s A War)


Bullet For My Valentine has just released a video for their upcoming Album : Venom, due on August 14.

I used to listen to BFMV as a teenager, and was fond of their songs: Tears don’t fall, All these things I hate. But then I grew old, and their songs started sounding EMO.

The new songs is different , Matt Tuck is different (ref. image) that is.

Although there are a few good progressions of bass and drums, and vocals by Matt Tuck continue to be neat, the song does not surprise the listeners with something out of the ordinary. But BFMV fans would sure be delighted with the video.

The video is something that goes with the song, and will make your listing and watching experience worthwhile.

So here goes:

Tip: listen with earphones plugged in.

The song’s progressions are similar to the earlier songs, with breakdowns timed in the usual manner (but maybe that is something they wanted to maintain). What I long for in a BFMV song is a great drum and bass solo, but alas I would have to wait more.

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