Finally the new album


When you read the title of this post, you may think maybe I am talking about TOOL. Well that would be a dream, so snapping back to reality, Wintersun has finally released their new album: The Forest Seasons.

You remember how I wrote a post: No time for Time II? Where Jari had spoken to his fans and asked for crowdfunding of their next album. So that happened, and as promised, good man Jari has released the new Wintersun album, though it is not Time II.

As of now the band has released 4 songs from the album, and each one is themed on a season- Spring, summer, autumn and winter. (hence the album name)

Talking about the song they updated on their YouTube yesterday- Loneliness (Winter). You will hear a big change in Jari’s vocals to begin with. They are clean, non-growling, and melodic. The guitar, bass, keys and drums are classic Wintersun, also better.

Basically this album is fresh and different from the past Wintersun albums. While some fans are whining others are applauding the Wintersun guys for bringing out something new and fresh.

Go listen to it yourself and figure if your ears love it or loathe it.

I would rate the album: 3.5/5

Below is the newest song:


Do let me know your reviews.

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