Folks Speak (Part 1 of 5)


So I decided to ask some of my musically sound friends to talk about the music they like. And below is a quick interview of a Mister Rohan, lecturer, guitarist, vocalist and a pool of many more qualities, I choose not to discuss, since it’s my blog, the limelight should remain on me 😛

1. Sir, your name is? : Rohan Dasgupta

This is him: 224935_541177105911096_1360320367_n

2. How old are you? Our audience should know if you have enough wisdom, and if your suggestion is worth giving a shot to: ’25 yrs , yeah I have enough experience, please get to the point’

3.What is it that you do, besides listening to music? I am an Assistant Professor

4. What is/are your fav genre (s) : Rock, Heavy Metal

5. Good choice you got there, now please tell us which is/are your fav band (s) : Dream Theater, Green Day, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Nirvana, Pink Floyd etc. (in alphabetical order for my own convenience :-P)

6. That’s quite a lot! Okay tell us, which according to you is the country with best bands? : I don’t know, I don’t care.

7. Okay, well care to answer the next question? Which according to you is/are the most overrated band(s)?: Maroon 5, Coldplay

8. And the most under-rated ones?: Biffy Clyro, Billy Talent


9.  Those sure are under-rated, even I haven’t heard much of them, thanks much for throwing light. Going further, If given a choice, which song would you like to cover onstage? : Jesus Of Suberbia – Green Day

10. Now that we think that you do have a good sense of music, tell us which band(s) would you like to recommend to the people? : The most under-rated band(s), of course.

11. Okay, you mean Biffy Clyro, Billy Talent. We would sure give them a listen, but to help us further, tell us which is their best album(s) according to you? : “Only Revolutions” by Biffy Clyro (2009) and “II” by Billy Talent (2006)

12. And the best song?: “Booooom, Blast and Ruin” by Biffy Clyro

and “Viking Death March” by Billy Talent

13. Sound good, now beside these, what other genres/bands do you think can be generation defining (like Pink Floyd)? : Dubstep/Skrillex

14. Thanks for being so patient so far, for the last question, tell us a piece of lyrics from your fav band’s song, that moved you in ways more than one: “I’m so happy because today I found my friends, they’re in my head.” – Nirvana (Lithium)

Thanks much Sire, it was great interviewing you, I know you enjoyed equally. Your job is now over. 😛

As for you guys, stay tuned for more interviews, and recommendations! PS: Listen to Biffy Clyro and Billy Talent as recommended by Rohan.

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