Folks Speak (Part 2 of 5)


Those were some great music suggestions by Rohan.

Moving on, we have on board with us today- Mister Robi. Don’t go by his modestly, the guy has already attended some kickass gigs by my favorite bands like- COB (thrice), Tool (I don’t know how many times, knowing he has attended that once, was mindblowing enough), and many more (I decide not to divulge, mainly because the only awesome gig I have attended to so far is COB.) So lets begin,

1. Though I already know, but for the people out there, please tell us your name:  Robi Banerjee

This is him: 523813_586477378009_368441034_n

2. How many years of wisdom do you have? We don’t give a damn about noobs: I am  26, have listened to practically every genre of music, attended major music fests, and hence render your ‘noob’ accusation baseless.

3. Alright then! Though the next question is completely unnecessary, but to go with the pattern, what is it that you do professionally? I am a Copywriter

4. Cool, please resist finding mistakes in this post though. You say you have listened to practically everything,  still which is/are your fav genre (s): Progressive Metal, anything performed by a band.

5. ‘Anything performed by a band’ can be comprehended in more ways than one, but sticking to the main idea, tell us about your fav band(s): Radiohead, Mogwai, At the Gates, In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, Alice in Chains

6. That’s a mix of many genres. Okay tell us, which according to you is the country with best bands? Sweden

7. The most overrated band? The Red Hot Chili Peppers

8. And the most under-rated one? Third Eye Blind

9. If given a choice, which song would you like to cover onstage? White Walls by Between the Buried and Me

10. To get to the main point of this interview, tell us which band(s) would you like to recommend to the people? Radiohead, Between the Buried and Me, Airbag, Mogwai, Insomnium

11. Tell us about their best album, so that we can start by listening to the best of their songs: OK Computer, Colors, Airbag, The Hawk is Howling, Above the Weeping World

12.Which is their best song(s)? Can’t have just one good song from those bands. You’ll find you’ll love them all.

13. ‘Love’ is a strong word, we’ll see how we like them. What other genres/bands do you think can be generation defining (like Pink Floyd)? Well, the 90s were a good decade for music. So, Thrash Metal, Alternative and Electronic Music.

14. For the last question, tell us a piece of lyrics, that moved you in ways more than one:
I understand about indecision.
But I don’t care if I get behind.
People livin’ in competition.
All I want is to have my peace of mind. (Boston – Peace of Mind)

No one wins tonight.
No one gets closure.
No one walks away victorious.
But don’t forget me.
Don’t you forget me.
Burn a candle for me when you can
(Insomnium – Last Statement)

Thank you Sir for your precious time and advice, it was a pleasure interviewing you. Though, a few songs suggestion could have been useful, but we will figure ’em out ourselves. Needless to say I am a great interviewer.

For anyone interested in knowing more about Robi, here is the link to his blog. (you’d find some psychedelic stuff there.) :

If this interests you, stay tuned for more music suggestions, from people with similar or different taste in music. 🙂

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