Full Metal Mountain


If you are like me, someone who loves the mountains and metal music, then this is your dream come true.


Full Metal Mountain is an insane winter music+skiing+snow boarding+fun+food+beer festival, proud to be called as Europe’s highest metal festival. And rightly so as it happens on mountain peaks in Autria, when the mountains are covered in snow.  This festival is sure to give you a heavy winter.

They have recently announced the sale of the 2018 festival. You can follow the same here:  http://wacken.click/9edns

You can follow them on Facebook for more updates: https://www.facebook.com/FullMetalMountain/

So if you are a metal head anywhere around the world and are planning a vacation, Full Metal Mountain seems to fit in just right.


PS: irregular blog posts are regretted, but then the best things in life are irregular (<- this makes no sense). Anyway keep it heavy, and do share some amazing bands you may have discovered recently in comments 🙂

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