Gig etiquette.

Not that I have attended many gigs, but I have attended enough to gather that some people should learn gig etiquette.

No wonder seeing your idol right in front of you playing the songs you insanely love is maddening, but forgetting that there are people around you who are experiencing just the same is unjustified. I have come across people who in their presumably ‘fit of madness’ start forcefully pushing fellow metallers. There is a fine line between moshing and pushing. Understand it.

ToneGauge- Gig Etiquette
ToneGauge- Gig Etiquette, COB Live, Bangalore.

Basics for a gig:

  1. Wear comfy clothes, preferably loose, and definitely not smothering leather pants 😛
  2. Wear the right foot wear. And by right foot wear I mean: sneakers, shoes. I have seen people wearing floaters, and returning back with broken toes.
  3. Leave your hair loose. (obviously)


  1. Mosh, run around, head bang but DO NOT forcefully push.
  2. There is a strong possibility that you’ll be drunk, keep that to yourself. Be drunk, not wasted. If you are wasted, how the hell will you remember what awesomeness you witness last night?
  3. You will probably be smelling like rotten socks, DO NOT raise both your hands every 5 minutes. There are people around you, who have noses and can smell.
  4. At no point are you advised to sit on the ground, unless you are calling your death! (honestly, why would you do that?)
  5. If you are tall and are standing in the front, accept the fact that everybody around you hates you.
  6. Do not EVER try to jump on the stage, it will not make you cool, but will surely make you infamous. Whats more? Your idols will hate you for it.
  7. Do NOT push your way to the front. If you want to be at the front, be extra early and mark your territory, if you are late, stay where you are.
  8. Keep a safe distance away from the girls in the gig, they are prone to paranoia and don’t like being suffocated in between males.
  9. Do not spill your beer on other people or burn somebody’s arm/hand with your cigarette.
  10. Don’t start public display of affection with your mate. People will loathe you, and given an opportunity, will corner you.
  11. Keep your hands to yourself. Your constant hand activities can irk fellow members, and trust me that’s not pleasing.
  12. Taking a few pictures is cool, filming the whole gig, plain annoying.
  13. Don’t start talking on phone in the middle of the gig. Seriuosly, why would you do that?!
  14. If you are a nobody and have entered the gig mistakenly, try to stay quiet and enjoy. Never ever in your life, try to sound cool by telling someone that you are friends with the lead guy. You may not know a damn about who is performing up there, but everyone else does. (Totally happened with me, but since I was in a great mood, little did I care about the guy who told me he is friends with.. Alexi Laiho :S)
  15. Enjoy the gig 🙂

Most of the people attending the gig are awesome, but some make it hard to keep calm.

Pushing in a metal gig is inevitable, but there are two kinds of pushing: friendly and fierce. Friendly pushing forms a wave across the crowd, which is awesome. Fierce pushing can lead to casualties.

Next gig you go to, remember what you read here. Enjoy, don’t devastate. 😉

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  1. Karan says:

    Witty and awesome.

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