Gig Gags

So the people went to attend a gig, but ended up being confused and only a little amused at what laid before them.

Here is a list of epic gig #Fail.

1. Wasted Vocalist

It so happened that a ‘sloshed’ Scott Stapp jumped up the stage to perform Creed live in Chicago on December 29, 2002. Result? He was unable to sing clearly, rolled on the stage, left the stage on several occasions DURING a song, and in the end…Passed Out. Yeah that’s right!

The band apologised soon after, and got disbanded.

What does the Batman have to say to this?

ToneGauge- Confused Batman.

He is clearly confused! And definitely not amused.

1. Bird poop attack.

Kings of Leon had to cancel their Verizon Amphitheatre’s gig on July 23, 2010. Reason? Technical problem? No. Poop rain? Yes.

It seems that the birds didn’t quite like Kings of Leon’s music, and they in their own smart way succeeded in killing the performance. The band members were under constant aerial attack by pigeon droppings. But the trophy goes to bassist Jared Followill, who somehow ended up getting the droppings in his…wait for it…MOUTH!

The band decided to cancel the gig, and the fans got their refund. Poor band members, little did they know that the pigeons had mastered:

ToneGauge- Bird Poop

3. Stunt gone wrong.

Alright, this one will make you say – Ouch. Nirvana were performing Lithium at the MTV Video Music Award, when bassist Krist Novoselic decided to add a little spark in his performance. The spark which landed flat.

He tossed his axe high up in the air, was standing to catch it, and…

ToneGauge- guitar laning on head

He missed it and got hit on his head.

Now we know, there is much more to, than what is obvious in: Keep practicing! 😉

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