Gotta listen to – Samsara

It’s one of those days when I write about good bands from India, ​and today it is: Anand Bhaskar Collective. I recently heard the songs of this band, and to put it simply, they are quite awesome.

And these are the men who make it awesome:


The band comprises of:

Anand Bhaskar  on vocals, Shrikant Jadhav and Chandan Raina on guitars,  Neelkanth Patel on bass, Bhushan Govilkar on drums, and Ajay Jayanthi on volin.

Why should you listen to ​Anand Bhaskar Collective?

Their music is unique! Though mostly fusion, the songs are heavily dominated by an alternative rock sound, which makes the songs technically efficient and awesome for the ears. So you have great Indian melodies with guitar shredding.

Tere bina being one of the songs I like, you can listen to it here:

Their recently launched album – Samsara is already killing it, so if you don’t want to miss on something great, do give it a listen!


Listen to them here:

Watch them here: 

Like them if you like them:

And if you happen to love their music, you can buy it here:

I will be back with more music dope.


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