Hail Ragasthan – an escape to music in sand dunes


There comes a time in life when work becomes your master and you unknowingly ignore all the fun life has to offer. Same shit happened with me, when my best friend Saurav aka Sauki, asked me to go along with him to Ragasthan, and I declined because I was swamped with work.

What is Ragasthan? It is an amazing music festival which takes place in sand dunes of the Indian land known for most slip sliding soft dunes in the world: Rajasthan.


As tempting as it sounds, I missed the chance to attend it. Nonetheless, my bestie did  (being a traveller that he is) and hence here I am writing about the fest through his experience there.

That is him, hustling in the sand dunes:


Music festival amidst dessert is actually as crazy as it sounds. It is like being in a land where music is your only power and lifeline.

Ragasthan,  brought together camping in dunes,  open air movie screenings all night long, 2 full moons back to back, adventure sports, bonfire, paragliding, the experience was as large as it can get.

Err, am I missing on Music? Well, Ragasthan was 4 days of music experience like no other.

Genres? You name it, and they were there. From the Morio (Rock/Pop/Alternative) and Olun (World/Classical) to Ammara (Electronic) and Birakha (Indie/Experimental) to the Ujalo film zone.  The dunes literally had a musical escape for the lovers of music, be it any genre.

Wait there’s more, but instead of writing it down, you can more or less make out from the picture below, how awesome an experience it would have been.


That is him (Sauki) again bashing in the dunes (and I can’t help being a little jealous here):


What does the guy have to say? “Even though I was cut off from the world for 4 days, I had my mind blown off living in a world of music where everyone was happy and no one gave a damn if their cellphones were working. Such is the power of music. “

Well, yes sir it is.

SO that’s about it people, I will come back with more stuff, soon.

For the last picture for the post, that is him yet again:


And no, he isn’t at Ragasthan in this, that is him chillin at Blue Frog, Delhi 😉

Peace out!

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