IndoSoul… quite literally.

Karthick Iyer Live is an Indo Soul music band from Chennai, India.

IndoSoul? You may ask.  Well these guys have released their own genre, and it is but … Nice.

According to Karthick Iyer, “IndoSoul is deep, soulful, and has its roots in Indian music, but attempts to transcend cultural and national boundaries and horizons, and has
been specifically composed and designed to suit the taste of the modern-day,
multi-cultural, global listener.”

Out with their first album now, and with a number of soulful performances,  these guys already have people appreciating their music.

The band comprises of:

Karthick Iyer (Violin & vocals),
Vikram Vivekanand (Guitars),
Sumesh Narayanan (Mridangam, Konnakol, Percussion),
Naveen Napier (Bass),
Ramkumar Kanakarajan (Drums)

..who come together and make impressive music.

Give these guys a listen-


Also, Karthick Iyer Live’s 1st album “IndoSoul – Looking Within To Look Beyond” is now available on:

OK Listen:


Get it if you like them already.




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