Iron Maiden releases its video game trailor

It is time for… Metal games!

Christmas has come early with the declaration of IRON MAIDEN’s “Cinematic Trailer” for Legacy of the Beast Video Game. If your phone didn’t have enough metal, well now it would with this mobile video game due to be released in summer 2016.

Watch it here –


Game info includes:

A mysterious force is intent on destroying Eddie, shattering his soul into a million shards. He begins his journey blindsided and stripped of his power, yet still possessing just enough fury to fuel his fight. With each victory, he regains more power and strength, collecting the shards of his soul, supercharging his skills and electrifying his attitude!

Be Part of the Legacy!

Iron Maiden: Legacy of The Beast – an epic action RPG set in the expansive Iron Maiden universe, coming to mobile devices Summer 2016!

Play as Eddie and gather your team to fight the forces of true evil through worlds based on the lore and music of Iron Maiden.

Gameplay is enhanced with a powerful soundtrack using songs spanning the band’s entire career, including previously unreleased versions of live Iron Maiden classics adapted for the game by engineer Tony Newton under the close scrutiny of Steve Harris.


So are you ready yet? 😉




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