Keep Kalm(ah)

Kalmah was my gateway to Metal (2007).

Before I begin to describe, a small disclaimer:
Kalmah could be very heavy, not for faint hearted and alternate rock, blues, jazz, electronic, house music lovers.

Country: Finland.

Established: 1998

Band Members: Pekka Kokko (Vocals and Rhythm guitar), Antti Kokko (Lead guitar), Timo Lehtinen (Bass guitar), Janne Kusmin (Drums), Veli Matti Kananen (Keyboard, current member). Marco Sneck (Keyboard, ex-band member).

Guitars: Custom made Amfisound guitars.

(But the new album in the making has opened doors for ESP guitars. Or so do the latest pictures suggest.)

Drums: Pearl

ToneGauge- Kalmah Band Members
Kalmah Band Members Clockwise L-R: Timo(bass), Veli (keys), Antti (lead), Pekka (vocals and guitar) , Janne (drums)

First song I ever listened to: The Groan of Wind.

I simply love the type of music they make. It is not only great, it is technically brilliant. From vocals to lead to bass to drums to keys [that is grammatically incorrect], Kalmah has the best quality of band members.

Be it Pekka’s growls, Janne’s impeccable drumming, Antti’s lead/shredding (extremely tough to crack), Timo’s badass bass or Marco’s super melodic keys… Kalmah’s music will leave you spellbound.

No comments on the new Keyboard player yet, because 2013 would be his first album release.

Antti’s melodic leads will linger in your head and keep you upbeat 🙂

So what’s new? Kalmah is working on their 7th studio album, due to release this spring/summer. 😀

If you have never listened to Kalmah, the songs I would suggest are:

1. Ready for Salvation

2. Heroes to Us

3. Better not to tell

4. The Groan of Wind

5. Hades

6. The Black Waltz


And the folks who listen to Kalmah are called – Swampheads. Horns!

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