Know your Horns

Everybody flashes them, some overuse, and some misuse them. But how many of us really know, why we use them?

I am not going to research over it, because I am convinced (by intuition, and general observation)  that hardly a few know of the story behind the use of Horns.

ToneGauge-Metal Horns

So here is how it began:

Ozzy Osbourne was the initial band member of Black Sabbath, and he used to flash the peace sign in every performance of the band, as a way to connect with the fans.

ToneGauge- Peace

Great guy but addicted to drugs. He was therefore asked to leave the band in the late 70s and Ronnie James Dio replaced him in the band.

Now Dio too wanted to connect with his fans during the live performances, and that is when he for the first time in the history of Metal,  flashed horns during a live performance by Black Sabbath.

So Mr. Ronnie James Dio is the man who revolutionized metal symbolism. But was he the one to invent it? No. He learned this from his granny, who used the horns as a sign to shoo away the evil eye.

Now who taught the granny is out of my scope of research, so let’s wrap it up here.

The next time you raise the horns, you’d know who to thank.

Ronnie James Dio, that is!

(He may not be the first one to use them, but he was definitely the one to trend them.)

ToneGauge- Ronnie James Dio

What do we learn from this?

Horns are definitely not to be flashed during: Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and any other crappy performance that may demean the great man who raised the horns to unite the metalheads, not crapheads.

And to end the post, lets listen to Heaven and Hell by Black Sabbath!

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