Mood Indigo 2013

Mood Indigo, one of the most anticipated music fests in India is yet again highly anticipated this year.


Here is why:

Neal Morse Band and Mike Portnoy are descending to perform live at IIT Bombay’s annual fest this year. The kids have already gone crazy after hearing the news, if you are a fan too, try a way to get there!

Date: 20-23 December 2013,

Venue: IIT Bombay


ToneGauge- Mood Indigo 2013

[ I have designed the poster myself, since designing stuff is my new interest,  you may get to see more of these in the coming posts too 😉 ]

For those who have not heard of them, you can give these a try:

Mike Portnoy:

Neal Morse Band:

I can almost feel the madness while I write, Mood Indigo 2013 is awaited indeed! 🙂

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