Most illogical music videos

I have seen a few music videos which do not make sense, no matter what!

Even if the song is nice, the official video makes little to no sense, which ends up making you watch it over and over (is that perhaps the hidden objective?), and YET you don’t get the concept.

So I am going to do this in a series of posts, let’s begin with Part I, two songs whose videos are illogical level: off the charts.




1. Breaking Benjamin : Diary of Jane

One question:

If Jane is so desperate to look at herself in a mirror, why didn’t gazing at herself in the bath-tub water (from where she woke up in the beginning of the video BTW) occur to her? Like I said- Illogical.

Anyway, song is cool , here if you want to listen:


2. Hinder – Lips of an angel

Where do I even begin?

The guy is shouting his lungs out on the phone, and his current girlfriend sitting right there can’t listen a thing! (unless she is impaired, which she surely isn’t, because that’s obvious from the lyrics – “No I don’t think she has a clue”. Also so very considerate of the ex-girlfriend to enquire if the current one has a problem.) Like I said- Illogical.

Not one of my fav songs, but then, lets do it some justice. Here, the video to the song:


Will be back with more posts soon. Cheers!

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