Music magazines, essentials.


If you are one of those freaks who like to know every darn thing about the musicians you like, then here is a list of magazines that will not only keep you updated, but will also provide some kickass posters for your room.

  1. Rolling Stone Magazine

Been there for as long as I can think, and has been issuing great articles, interviews, insights about the best of musicians.

431930_10151456564638668_947352564_n 2. Terrorizer

If Metal it is that runs in your blood, then this magazine should run in your monthly check list. Every possible band, even unknown to the general crowd, finds its place here. Unveil all metal bands with this ‘terrorizing’ magazine.


3. Guitar World

Another great magazine, for guitar lessons, interviews, product reviews and everything else you can think of. Totally worth reading.


4. Billboard.

Everything about rock, pop, hip-hop, and any other American genre is all there, dripping out of the magazine. Good read for the people who enjoy celeb gossip and these genres.


So that’s about it for the magazines, next up: Folks speak part 3 and 4 🙂

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