Myths about Metal, busted.

If you are one of those people who think Metal is for the depressed, aggressive, dejected, ruthless, mentally sick, retarded etc. then please refer to the image below.

ToneGauge- Uncle Sam
Metal Myths, Busted

I have been asked questions like: “What do you like in this?”, “This is just noise, how can you like it?”, “Has some demon entered this guy? Why is he singing like this?”, “Why do these people wear black?”, and the worst of all : “Does it not give you a headache?”.

To begin with, I think a simple scientific explanation should do good to all. Music, is a wave form. Different music generate different waveforms. So a person’s preference depends on what sort of waveform pleases their brain. Hence some genres attract you, while others repel you.

MYTHS, nullified.

1. Metal preaches hatred.
Not even close. No band has ever preached ‘hate thy neighbour’. If someone has a killer instinct, they were perhaps born with it. Listening to Metal has nothing to do with it.

2. Metal is satanic.
I have been listening to Metal from past 7-8 years, haven’t met a ghost yet.

3.  It is just noise.
To some, maybe. But for the ones who appreciate it, nothing else can please their ears more.

4. It makes you aggressive.
Again, aggression is a mental condition. Nothing to do with the type of music one listens to. It can sure give you an adrenaline rush, but so does jogging.

PS: Music is for harmony, not conflict. Every kind of music should be appreciated, and none should be degraded. To each, his own 🙂

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