No time for Time II, Wintersun

Though my posts have been sporadic, but I never stopped reading about musicians or music.  This post is about Wintersun, as I had mentioned before, one of my fav bands (don’t remember? read here: ).


Much to the Wintersun fans’ expectations (which were pretty high, considering how awesome Time I was), Time II will not be released anytime this year, or next, or next.

Reason? Sadly our Jari (lead guitarist and vocalist of Wintersun), does not have enough monies to get a recording studio and make music.

He tried getting the resources through crowd funding, but his plans were laid down by the recording label – Nuclear Blast.


Read what Jari said (in short):

“I live in a small shitty apartment building and I have neighbors. It is very very hard to work like this. I can’t record vocals, can’t practice my singing, I can’t record guitars, I can’t record guitars even with modeling amps, because the electricity is so bad in this shitty building so I get lots of interference….They (Nuclear Blast) actually told me point blank that I should just stop making music and they will never release Wintersun from the contract. It´s really like this, because they can’t or won’t loan me enough money to build a studio and fund an album, they don’t want other people (the fans) to fund it either… unless they get a crazy big cut of the funding (for doing absolutely nothing).


And what Nuclear Blast said:

“Hey everyone,

We are aware of Jari’s recent statement on his current situation and business experiences with Nuclear Blast regarding the most anticipated “TIME II” album…be assured that we all love Wintersun as much as you do – nobody at Nuclear Blast wants to see them gone and we are working together with Jari and his management to find the optimal solution for his concerns.”


So all in all, I hope music will defeat everyone, and Wintersun will soon come up with Time II. Till then, lets re-listen to Time I





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