OST: Outstanding Sound Tracks

Some movies have pulled off amazing soundtracks, or impressive use of existing sound tracks, enhancing the whole experience of movie watching.


1. Robin Hood: Everything I do, by Bryan Adams

Passion, love, hardships, this soundtrack infuses the desired essence of the movie in continuous lyrical and musical flow.

Widely appreciated, this song has been a part of everyone’s life at some point.


2. Into the Wild: Society, Eddie Vedder

Not only will it please the acoustics of your ears, it has a very meaningful message hidden in its lyrics. As good as the movie, the sound track will remain in your mind.


3. Snatch: Angel, Massive Attack.

Placed strategically at a very crucial point in the movie, this song, already good to listen to, adds the ‘just-what-was-required’ piece of the movie. And Brad Pitt, looks good as usual 😉


4. A lot Like Love: Brighter than Sunshine, Aqualung

The track keeps intact the love shown in the movie. Soft and nicely conversing the sweetness of true love, the song does apparent justice to the movie’s theme.


5. Rocky 3:  Eye of the Tiger, Survivor

This song has the feel and the intensity to correlate with what one expects out of Rocky series. Powerful and nice, this song incessantly defines Rocky III .


So what do you think? 🙂

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