Pearl Jam’s Lightning Bolt | Album Review

My teenage hero, Mister Eddie Vedder is back with, what I can assure is an eargasmic, soulful album.

I, folks am talking about Lightning Bolt, the next hit album of Pearl Jam (one week down the release, and I declare it a hit)

Below is the visually delightful track list for you:


To put it in simple words, Oops Eddie has done it again!

These guys don’t stop mesmerizing their fans. And Eddie’s vocals are as young as they were back in the 90s

The official video of SIRENS is below, give it a listen, and judge for yourself:

Good ain’t it? I am listening to it in a loop (for sometime to come) . While you guys stay tuned for more on music and hopefully guitaring in the next post.

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  1. Harsh Narula says:

    Don’t agree. The magic is missing. HUGE Pearl Jam Fan. VERY disappointed. 🙁

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