See I bought a new guitar! Loljk, I made it myself.

ToneGauge-Amfisound Guitar
Amfisound custom guitar in the making.

When my friends used to say they bought Fender, ESP, Ibanez, Gibson..I said- fancy! But then one day I came across a guy who had built his own electric guitar, my jaw dropped. And I thought – why haven’t I done it yet?

I think making one’s own guitar is the coolest idea ever! I mean it is sure not easy, but once somebody makes their own guitar, nothing in the world can beat the amount of awesomeness it will generate!

To begin, making one’s own guitar requires a lot of work..but what are friends for? If your friends share the same enthu as you, get together in a junkyard and start building yourself a guitar next summer, winter, fall vacation. So when you get back to school/college and your folks ask what you did in your vacation, you’d say – I made myself a custom guitar 😉

In quick easy steps:

1. Be motivated that you really are up for this, because it’s not easy, and surely time-consuming. But if you love the idea, this won’t be a problem.

2. Finalize a design you want for your guitar.

3. Ask your friends good in electronics, and wood designing to help you out. If you don’t have any such friends (which is highly likely), still get a few friends by your side, and try doing it all together.

4. Be very careful while using all the mechanic tools, and electronic tools. You wouldn’t want to get hurt.

5. Make a stencil for the design of your guitar, and cut the wood in the same manner. Do the same for the fret board.

6. Get all the electronic tools together.

7. Paint it the color you want… black, red,blue,white, yellow, pink. Whichever! That’s the beauty of it..noone can stop you, it’s your guitar!

8. Let the paint dry out completely.

9. Assemble your guitar, put strings.

10. Rock it, and don’t forget to Flaunt it!

And by the time you had done making it, you will sure to have fallen in love with it :)You might even want to carry it along, everywhere you go.  (try not to take it along in the lavatory 😛 )

This is surely on my to-do list, what about you?

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