James Hetfield and his daughter just made the best Adele cover ever!

Get ready to listen to one of the best Adele song covers, by the best father-daughter duo ever! James Hetfield gave his fans in San Francisco, CA a surprise of their lifetime by bringing his daughter Cali on stage and covering Adele’s “Crazy for You”. Give your ears a treat here: This is quite cute. Isn’t it?

What is a “best” guitar? One word: Nothing.

‘Best guitar’ is a very subjective term, ‘bad guitar’ on the other hand, isn’t.  No matter what level guitarist you are: novice, noob, progressive, moderate, professional, ace, or just a guy-who-roams-around-with-a-guitar-to-fetch-girls, you will come across guitars which totally rule and others that totally suck. Definitions of a best guitar can be arrived at by different…