Nothing else matters..but the violin solo does!

Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters is one song that ever Metal lover dreams attending live, and also dreams of covering. And this time Indians have nailed it. Presenting the awesome Metallica cover by Thaikkudam Bridge, a band from Kochi, India. The vocalist has done a great job, and so has every other band member, but what…

No time for Time II, Wintersun

Though my posts have been sporadic, but I never stopped reading about musicians or music.  This post is about Wintersun, as I had mentioned before, one of my fav bands (don’t remember? read here: ). Much to the Wintersun fans’ expectations (which were pretty high, considering how awesome Time I was), Time II will not be…

Winter is coming!

No, this is not another post about The Game of Thrones. What I am going to talk about here is this incredibly, outrageously, maddeningly, overpoweringly amazing band from Finland (yet again). Finland has the most incredible set of Metal bands.  And the one in discussion today is Wintersun. Another set of genius composers. Band Members:…

Covers that beat the original (Part II)

Scandinavian bands are my favorite, and Norther’s cover of The Final Countdown, is pretty  awesome. It is melodic, thrashy, and heavy. Could you ask for more? Here, have a listen:   I don’t know why the video is not working. Anyway, clicking on the link would serve you the same. Happy Listening 🙂

Covers that beat the original. (Part I)

It happens only once in a decade that cover of a song is made, and it ends up being so good that it beats the original, or is atleast as good as the original. I have a few covers to share, but lets do this two covers at a time. 1. Seether’s cover of Careless…

COB- Halo of Blood.

Children of Bodom has released a new single- Transference, from their upcoming album- Halo of Blood. Neat shredding, keys, drums and base. Here goes: No you aren’t high, the lyrical video is very trippy.

Make way for Kalmah’s new album.

So the Swamlords have landed, spreading their musical spell.  Presenting – Seventh Swamphony, the seventh studio album . The swamphony will drown you in its impeccable musical depth.  My mind has been blow, you decide for yourself. I am definitely buying the CD. You?

Keep Kalm(ah)

Kalmah was my gateway to Metal (2007). Before I begin to describe, a small disclaimer: Kalmah could be very heavy, not for faint hearted and alternate rock, blues, jazz, electronic, house music lovers. Country: Finland. Established: 1998 Band Members: Pekka Kokko (Vocals and Rhythm guitar), Antti Kokko (Lead guitar), Timo Lehtinen (Bass guitar), Janne Kusmin (Drums), Veli Matti Kananen (Keyboard, current member). Marco Sneck (Keyboard, ex-band member)….

Tuska Open Air-2013

Tuska, Finland is one of the Music festivals that I will someday, somehow end up attending. It is a dream, yet to come true for me. As always, Tuska 2013 has a badass lineup of mind-ripping bands. Scheduled to kick off on 28th June 2013, Tuska is one of the most awaited Metal fest for…