Welcoming a Heavy New Year!

With 2016 coming to an end, let us discuss what awesome surprises 2017 has for us. Well here is a clue – it is going to be a heavy new year! Because some amazing metal fests are on their way as the new year arrives. First up, we have – 1. 70000 Tons of Metal Happening…

James Hetfield and his daughter just made the best Adele cover ever!

Get ready to listen to one of the best Adele song covers, by the best father-daughter duo ever! James Hetfield gave his fans in San Francisco, CA a surprise of their lifetime by bringing his daughter Cali on stage and covering Adele’s “Crazy for You”. Give your ears a treat here: This is quite cute. Isn’t it?

Harley Rock Riders Season V is here!

Mumbaikars (people living in Mumbai) have all the more reason to be excited about NH7 this time, the reason being Harley-Davidson Motorcycles and some kick-ass music. The mayhem of music and motorcycles continues this year with the return of Harley Rock Riders – Season V. After 4 successful seasons, the iconic rock music festival is…

Metal fest to attend in 2015

Though 2015 is a bit far still, but some great news for Norwegian Metal lovers is already here! I am talking about Karmoygeddon, to be held in Norway in 2015. It is a 3-day music fest overflowing with epic Metal Bands. What all bands are participating? For starters, two of my favourite bands are coming together:…

Gig etiquette.

Not that I have attended many gigs, but I have attended enough to gather that some people should learn gig etiquette. No wonder seeing your idol right in front of you playing the songs you insanely love is maddening, but forgetting that there are people around you who are experiencing just the same is unjustified….