The undeniable intervention of music in everyone’s life.

I decided to take a detour and write not about my favourite bands (that will come in later surely) but about how at every point in life, music can mystify one’s soul and give a kick to a retarding mood. Music is one of those things that work both as a magnifier and as a nullifier. Though this is self explanatory and needs no elaboration, but I like explaining stuff, so I will 🙂

For instance, I get ridiculously irritated and paranoid at crowded places, like the Delhi Metro Rail. It is hell on roll for someone like me. My idea of escaping the wrath: plug in music, close your eyes and get lifted to another world. And my preferable track for the situation: Walk with me in Hell, by Lamb of God. [Pretty situational eh? ;)] So, the nullifier effect.

Needless to say, no party has ever been complete without musical groove. No hangout is successful without friends dancing on songs, no matter how retarded. What do wasted people do first? Dance to anything that vibrates their eardrums. Song for the situation: Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO. So, the magnifier effect.

Then, there comes a day in everyone’s life, no matter how hell of a success that person is, when they want to let go of all the deadlines, all the ciaos, detach all the strings, lay back, take a moment to oneself and regain sanity.

So plug in your favorite music, appreciate the beauty of nature, and appreciate your existence… for this life is your gift to yourself.

ToneGauge-The undeniable intervention of music in everyone’s life.

^ That is I, practising what I preached. 🙂

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  1. Aarav says:

    Rightly said 🙂

  2. srivats gopalan says:

    Lamb of god and maddening metro rush,,, works quiet well….

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