Tuesday, better than Monday, not Wednesday.

With Monday begins, what seems like a 4-day nightmare. But Tuesday having already erased 24 hours from the nightmare, feels much better than Monday. And so the cycle continues.

Majority of us, stuck in doing our job, don’t like what we do. Some of us who are lucky, are pursuing what we love doing. Minority of us, are Musicians, undeniably loving what we do, and insatiably gathering love for what we do.
So for the majority of us, who don’t really love doing our job, but are ceaselessly stuck in it, I have prepared a day-wise list of songs… that can to some extent help soothe the job pressure and madness that tags along.



ToneGauge-Week Muisc-Table

Now, to all you people out there, may I ask- How you doin’? 😉

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