Weirdest Metal bands

Okay, weird may be an understatement. The bands I’v come across lately are not just weird, they have crossed the thin line between being weird and ridiculous.  They tried to challenge ‘Animals as Leaders’, quite literally.

To top the list of lameness, the first band is:


‘Beak’ because the vocalist has a beak, and that is because the vocalist is a Parrot. yep, that’s right.

Wikipedia calls Hatebeak: ” Strictly a studio project with unintelligible lyrics and no melody”. Haha, no surprise. the way I see it,  these guys are rejected, noone wants to work with them, they trapped a parrot recorded its sound, and use it in every possible song, because noone can possibly decipher the lyrics.

Here have a listen:

Moving on, we have dogs as vocalists.


I have no words to describe these losers, I give up.

Listen only if you want, (I didn’t)


Next post, strictly good music.


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