Welcoming a Heavy New Year!

With 2016 coming to an end, let us discuss what awesome surprises 2017 has for us.

Well here is a clue – it is going to be a heavy new year! Because some amazing metal fests are on their way as the new year arrives.

First up, we have –

1. 70000 Tons of Metal

ToneGauge - 70000 tons of metal.jpg

Happening in February, 2017, 70000 Tons of Metal is the world’s biggest heavy metal cruise!

If you love metal, and want to cruise with your favourite metal bands, jam with them, head-bang with them, and chill with them, this is one festival you can’t miss.

Unlike other fests, where artists perform on a stage, in this, you will be on the same cruise as the artists! :O Can it get any better?

To sum it up, there will be : 60 Bands, 4 Days, 1 Cruise Ship, with unrestricted festival access to all 120 live shows on board, 70000TONS™ OF KARAOKE until sunrise, Work-Shops with the musicians, and much more! (even this is a lot)

Only 3000 tickets are available, book em’ before you miss ’em.

2. Tuska Open Air

ToneGauge - Tuska open air.PNG

Tuska will celebrate its 20 years of existence in 2017, that means it is going to be even more special!

If you love Norwegian metal (just like I do), then Tuska Open Air is one festival that you should definitely attend.

This time, it will be joined by a lineup which appeases everyone, with the likes of Wintersun, Apocalyptica, and many more lined up for this year.

Taking place across three days, Tuska isn’t just a place to catch those at the top of their game, but also one for discovery. Held at a disused power plant, and with a name that translates to ‘pain’ or ‘agony’, Tuska has become synonymous with a raw, fierce and energetic weekend.

So are you tempted to attend it yet?

3. Wacken Open Air


Most of the year Wacken is a cow-dotted hamlet of church-going farmers, with a population of 1900. But for a few days each summer it morphs into something far different, when 75,000 uber-tattooed visitors arrive, flashing the sign of the horns and going wild at the planet’s premier metal music fest.

Basically, everyone loves Wacken, as headbangers of the world unite at this fabled fest that melds top metal bands, Viking weaponry and German beer halls into a rollicking whole.

And this time it will be held in August, and as always promises to be really heavy!

So now that you have your 2017 Metal Calendar ready, how many of these will you be at?

Oh and, happy new year people 🙂

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