What is a “best” guitar? One word: Nothing.

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‘Best guitar’ is a very subjective term, ‘bad guitar’ on the other hand, isn’t.  No matter what level guitarist you are: novice, noob, progressive, moderate, professional, ace, or just a guy-who-roams-around-with-a-guitar-to-fetch-girls, you will come across guitars which totally rule and others that totally suck.

Definitions of a best guitar can be arrived at by different users differently, depending on the following:

  1. Type of music they aim at learning/playing – jazz, blues, rock, metal.
  2. Are they a rhythm guitarist or lead guitarist.
  3. What techniques they want to learn on the guitar – sweep, hammer on, harmonics.

Definition of a sucky guitar however, remains the same, irrespective: A wood cut in the shape of a guitar, which cannot hold the tuning for more than 10 minutes.

When I started learning how to play the guitar, mine was a wannabe guitar (even worse than a sucky guitar). It could not stay tuned for more than 5 minutes at a stretch, and owing to that I had problems in recognizing tones. Since it is highly undesirable to own an awful guitar, here is a pre-buy check list for a neat acoustic guitar:

  •   Big sound box
  •  On-board tuner
  •  Equally spaced strings
  •  Tight tuning pegs/machine head
  •  A straight neck
  •  Strings close to the fret board
  •  A strong bridge

Once you have found all this on a guitar, look no further, make it yours.

Depending on the type of future guitarist you aim at becoming, following  should be kept in mind:

Rhythm guitarist: go for dreadnought.

Lead guitarist: go for a cutaway guitar, gives access till the 21st fret.

If you want to perform live: go for electric-acoustic guitar.

Now down to the guitar makers. The makers that will do justice to your guitar needs are (in increasing order of price, not quality):

ToneGauge- guitar makers
Guitar makers

So choose your guitar wisely, invest once, love it and it will serve you right. And most of all, Keep practicing! 🙂

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