When Children of Bodom performed for the first time in India.

October 14, 2012 had two undebated options for a Metal lover:

1. Megadeth performing in Delhi. (Nh7)

2. Children of Bodom Performing in Bangalore. (The Great Indian October Fest.)

Not a tough choice for me though. I live in Delhi, and until 12th October I had zero idea about Children of Bodom’s live performance in Bangalore. I love Children of Bodom, and Alexi’s impeccable guitaring. I always thought that their chances of coming and performing in India were bleak, and so I had made plans of going to Finland and catching them live at Tuska Open Air. But then, something amazing happened.

October 12, 2012 , about 16:00 hrs: I log onto my Facebook account, and the first post I see in my news feeds is a picture of Jaska and Janne sipping coconut water in Bangalore! I literally freaked out. I mean WOW! What on earth are those guys doing in Bangalore?

And then I did some immediate research to find out, my dream of seeing COB perform live is due to come true in 2 days, IF I get my flight and concert tickets that is. And as you can see , it happened!

So we reached the venue: Jaymahal Palace. The opening band :The Fringe Pop, started performing. ( we were totally indifferent to their performance, because the uncontrollable excitement of seeing COB perform live made them sound lame to us).

And, after they finished, something terrifying happened. IT STARTED RAINING! Gross. I was personally terrified, because the last concert I had gone to attend- Metallica, 28th Oct. 2011, got cancelled. And I could not under any circumstances, have survived another cancellation. But did that affect our enthu? psst! not even close. We fans stood like an immovable rock, drenched, waiting for hours, surviving the cold winds… And were we dissapointed? Not even close (again). Alexi lived up to his spirit of “I don’t give a flying fuck” , all the band members showed true love for their fans by performing even in the middle of a downpour.

ToneGauge- Children of Bodom, Live Bangalore, Picture by Soumya.
ToneGauge- Children of Bodom, Live Bangalore October ’12

Those tents you see in the picture were arranged as a shelter from rains for the band members, one for each.

Their setlist:

1) Hate me

2) Silent night Bodom night

3) Shovel knockout

4) Needled 24/7

5) Everytime I die

6) Deadnight warrior

7) Follow the reaper

8) Angels don´t kill

9) In your face

10) Bloodrunk

11) Hate crew deathroll

12) Downfall

13) Are you dead yet?

To sum it up in a sentence: Children of Bodom ripped the place apart, Alexi did his famous guitar full swing, and I for the first time in my life did full swing head banging, publically.

Children of Bodom, Live Bangalore, shoes after gig-Picture by Soumya.
Children of Bodom, Live Bangalore, shoes after gig- Soumya.

^those were my shoes after the gig.

All thanks to my sister who financed the whole trip.

Oh, and Megadeth? Next time maybe 😉

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  1. Anish says:

    This one is Awessssome

  2. Aarav says:

    Best night ever! 😀

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