Winter is coming!

No, this is not another post about The Game of Thrones.

What I am going to talk about here is this incredibly, outrageously, maddeningly, overpoweringly amazing band from Finland (yet again).

Finland has the most incredible set of Metal bands.  And the one in discussion today is Wintersun.

ToneGauge- Wintersun

Another set of genius composers.

Band Members:

Vocals and Guitar: Jari Mäenpää

ToneGauge- Jari

I can speak lengths in his appreciation, but my job is to inform and not influence. So I will let you decide his level of awesomeness. He is also the guy who conceptualized the band.

Drums: Kai Hahto

ToneGauge- kai_portrait

Again, he just kills it.  Great drumming and accuracy combined.

Bass: Jukka Koskinen

ToneGauge- jukka

Badass bassist, he adds that heaviness to the music.

4. Guitars: Teemu Mäntysaari

ToneGauge- teemu

My current favourite. Great guitarist, he also gives guitar lessons to his fans. (how amazing is that? )

For you to form an opinion, here are the two best songs by them:

1. Sleeping Stars

2. Time

I hope that was enough to convince you, right? 😉

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  1. sumon says:

    Wintersun is my favorite bands.

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